Friday, January 30, 2015

Online Work

Here, anybody seeking my online work can find it in one tiny, savory spot. Links below.

Faculty Page at Loyola University Maryland

"Copycats": Willow Springs
"A Murder in Four Shorts": TriQuarterly
"Her Last Friday": Rappahannock Review
"Blood": Black Warrior Review
"James Gatrell's Journals and Letters": Conjunctions
"The First Sign of Holes" and "Romance": Wigleaf (also a postcard).
"All This in a World Without Dragons": West Branch Wired
"Two Plumbers: A Love Story," and "Field Trip to the Last Museum": elimae
"The Safest Place You've Ever Been": Willow Springs
"Crossing our Communication Networks": Wigleaf
"Under the World": Harpur Palate 
"The Glass Coffin": The Collagist
"Same Life/Different One": Web Conjunctions
"There is No Hiding Inside the Light": Housefire Press
"Under the Lights": You Must Be This Tall To Ride

One of Knox Alumni Magazine's "18 under 37"
Interview in Loyola Magazine by Ariel Genovese
Article on my reading at Knox in The Knox Student by Paige Anderson
On "A Dainty Network of Bones" which was published in PANK: Review by Matt Bell
On "The Safest Place You've Ever Been" which was published in Willow Springs: Write up by Dan Wickett.
On my story "A Glass Coffin": The Collagist, interview by Liana Iman
On my story "Europe": Published in a mini-book by Turtleneck Press
Someone voted for me for best dialogue
A recording of me reading "The Safest Place You've Ever Been" and Hemingway's "In Another Country" for the Knox Writer's House.

As Critic:
On writing and my story "Copycats" for a Willow Springs' author profile.
On my story "There Isn't Any Ghost" for the Hayden's Ferry Review blog.
On Flatness in Fairy Tales for Volta (Make sure to read the whole thing--it's fabulous)
On Tom Franklin's "Alaska" for the Knox Writers' House
The saddest song I know: Wigleaf

As Editor:
Slash Pine Press (Current Editor)
300 Reviews (former Editor)
Fairy Tale Review (former Assistant Editor)
Black Warrior Review (former Fiction Editor)